Evaluate 3 – Self Reflection

Artifact: Submit evidence of reflection on your individual teaching abilities. Include artifacts, evaluation feedback, your own reflections, e-portfolio links, professional growth plans and anything else that showcases introspection into strengths and weaknesses as an online educator and document all in your individual blog..


This is my summative assessment for 2015-2016 school year. Upon reflection, there are some areas I excel: professional knowledge, positive learning environment, and communication. While I was satisfactory in the other domains, there are a few areas I think I am close to being exemplary in. The area I would like to work on is academically challenging environment. Some of the ways I can make my classroom more student-centered versus teacher-centered would be to allow opportunities for the students to research and discover rather than me standing and telling. For example, when learning about Deaf history, I could provide students with resources to research and learn about Deaf history, and then provide students with an opportunity to have small group discussion about the impact American Sign Language has had on the Deaf. This higher order thinking would lead to an academically challenging environment.


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