Evaluate 3 – Personalized Teaching and Learning

Artifact: Provide sample data from student results for a course within your field. The data can be entirely theoretical and written out in text form.

Create: Examine your sample student performance data. Create an action plan that you would implement in your classroom to personalize teaching and learning.  Provide both a class and individual approach in your plan.

Answer:  How could the data be referenced to identify the needs of each student? How could the settings of the LMS be used to create personalized learning paths? How would this data change your teaching plan? How could it help with remediation or enrichment, etc.?



Looking at the data from my gradebook some assignments stick out to me with a high standard of deviation. Part of the reason for this is for some assignments, assignments that were missing were changed to zeroes once it was past time for a late assignment to be submitted. So while some assignments have a high standard deviation, those assignments do not account for how many assignments were actually missing. The assignment with the highest Std. Dev. is the Closed Caption Experience. Students were to watch a show without sound and with the CC on and write a reflection of their experience. The next highest Std. Dev. was taking notes for a Unit Review. The third highest was a Gallaudet Rap Project. Upon reflection, the Closed Caption Experience could become an in class assignment instead of out of class. It could become a class discussion versus a written reflection. As for the note-taking assignment, it may be better for students to keep a notebook for the class and receive a notebook grade each unit or have an open notebook quiz. For the Gallaudet Rap Project- that one is tough. I allowed students to choose their own groups and work on this project in class. A majority of the students did extremely well, but about 7 students didn’t put forth much or any effort. As far as working with students individually, I prompt students, encourage them to work with a peer, and offer 1:1 tutoring. For remediation I offer vocabulary videos and notes on my class website. I go over tests with the class as a whole and allow for reteaching if I notice certain items that several individuals missed. I also allow students the opportunity to retake vocabulary quizzes in order to work towards mastery of the content.


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