Evaluate 2 – Competencies

Create: For this section, set up a competency structure using standards for one unit of your sample course. Associate the assignments in that unit with the competency.

Artifact: Submit both a screenshot of the structure and a detailed explanation of why you created the structure that way. Include a discussion of the various pathways a student may go through to attain the competencies in the unit and document all in your blog.

For the standard:  Students present information that contains a variety of vocabulary,
phrases, and patterns. Students will:
A. Present informational narratives (e.g., calendar, sports, weather).
C. Demonstrate SLPI Novice + to Survival and ASLPI Level I to 1.5
proficiency expressive skills.

I created a Calendar Project for students to demonstrate competency. Students will sign their calendar project in front of the class and be graded with the attached rubric.


Here is the project description and rubric:

Calendar Project           Calendar Project Rubric

Students may demonstrate competency with this standard only via presentation. Presentation could be done via video or live demonstration.


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