Create 4 – Aggregating Lesson Material

Research: As discussed throughout the quest, collecting or curating learning objects, resources, and learning material enriches the e-learning environment. Research and identify two tools that can be used to aggregate and present learning material, other than the two mentioned in the lesson. Link to the two tools in your blog.

Answer: Thinking about instructional design, how does each tool benefit the learner by aggregating and presenting material in a cohesive manner? Are there drawbacks to the tools you researched?

Tools that can be used to aggregate and present learning material can help teachers organize and access information in a more efficient manner. One such tool is Microsoft One Note. One Note allows you to create a virtual notebook for any topic and all of your content can be added to the notebook. You can share the notebook with anyone via email and they can have access to read or edit the notebook. The notebook is easy to orgnize and navigate as well. This is such a great tool!

Another tool is Google Classroom. Google Classroom allows you to create topics/assignments and add youtube videos, links, Google documents, and other attachments. There is a stream where assignments and posts appear. Students can be invited to the class and can post comments if you allow. It’s easy to use and free. One drawback to this is that I didn’t see a place to post and organize resources. Everything has to be included in a post or assignment. For me personally this site didn’t give me some of the features I was looking for.


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