Create 4 – Build Portable Learning Objects

The first learning object I created is a Quizlet. I love Quizlet because it’s easy to use, portable on a smart phone, engaging for students, and offers ways to quiz yourself over the material. I’ve used Quizlet with my students and it has helped them to learn and study the material. Here is the Quizlet I made for Non-manual Markers in ASL. With this Quizlet students can study the flashcards, play a matching game, and take quizzes over the information.

Next, I made a Smore newsletter that explained the non-manual markers used for Yes/No questions and Wh-questions. This flyer is engaging and easy to read with visuals that help students focus. The link to my smore is here. This Smore can be used by students to study the various non-manual markers as they relate to asking questions in ASL.




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