Participate 3- Accessing Digital Learning Communities

My Deaf and hard of hearing students have limited access to digital learning because so many videos are not closed caption. While youtube offers automated closed captioning, the feature lacks accuracy and leads to confusion and wrong information. To eliminate this barrier and provide access, creators should include transcripts of videos or manually add captions to videos. Providing detailed descriptions of images and videos also helps those with low vision.

Furthermore some students do not have access to digital learning at home due to not having internet. For families unable to afford internet due to economic status, Comcast’s Internet Essentials program helps make internet and computers affordable. Check out the Internet Essentials program. Furthermore school libraries can add hotspot devices for students to check out and have access to internet at home. Some schools also provide laptops for students to check out for the school year and access to Microsoft Office programs through Office 365. These are some ways that more and more students are overcoming barriers and accessing digital learning.


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